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A summary dismissal of employment refers to  the immediate termination of an employee due to their behavior, the basis of which is gross misconduct.

 grounds of summary dismissal in Rwanda

The most causes of summary dismissal include but not limited to the following:

  1. Theft
  2.  Fraud
  3. Fighting at workplace
  4. Taking alcoholic drinks at workplace
  5. To be on duty under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  6. Falsification
  7. Any form of discrimination at workplace
  8. Sexual harassment
  9. Soliciting, offering or receiving bribes or illicit benefit
  10. Embezzlement
  11. Unlawfully obtaining or disclosing professional confidential information
  12. Behavior that may endanger the health and safety of others at workplace
  13. Gender-based violence at workplace
  14. Illegal strike
  15. Intentional destruction of work equipment

Legal advice on summary dismissal

Employees and employer should seek legal help from employment lawyer or labour attorney.

Also, most of the employers do not comply procedural requirements when it comes to gross misconduct.

Employees should avoid  acts named above which leads to automatic  cancellation or termination of contracts.

Furthermore, employees fired on grounds of gross misconduct do not claim  for termination benefits and some of the acts named above some culminate into criminal acts such as forgery / falsification.

More so, employers and human resource team have to  follow and comply the law  most of the cases they face labour disputes are  costly.

Further more, labour dispute is resolved by district labour inspector where an employee’s workplace is located.

Labour and employment dispute is  resolved by Intermediate Court and appeals to High Court.

Please contact lawyer for advice on labour dispute resolution and legal advice whenever employment issues arise before termination of employment contract.

Our lawyers have vast experience in solving  employment and labour related disputes.

It is also good to check with labour law of Rwanda

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