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Child adoption in Rwanda is easy compared to other states in the region.

The Rwandan law categorically provides for key requirements before child adoption can be allowed in Rwanda.

Adoption refers to  a system that creates a parent-child relationship between a child and a person who is not the child’s biological parent.

Also, intercountry adoption is a form of adoption that creates relationship between a child and an adoptive parent with whom he/she has no kinship relationship but both are not domiciled in the same country.

Furthermore, a  child must be  below 18 years.

There are two forms of adoption in Rwanda and these are : Simple adoption & full adoption.

More so, simple adoption is a form of adoption that consists in maintaining filiation ties with the adoptee’s family of origin.

Whereas, full adoption is a form of adoption that completely severs filiation ties with the adoptee’s family of origin.

Simple adoption allows a child continues to belong to his/her family of origin and retains all rights and duties and keep his/her names.

Adoptive parent exercises parental authority over the adoptee.


  • To be a person of integrity
  • To have enough resources for him/her to meet the duties that arise from adoption
  • To be at least 21 years old
  • Applicant is 7 years older than the child.
  • To have a fixed address
  • Never been imprisonment for offences against the family
  • Not to sentenced to imprisonment for the crime of genocide
  • No deprivation of parental authority

Grounds for full child  adoption?

  • The child’s parents are unknown or have abandoned him/her as declared by the court
  • The child is an orphan and has no siblings
  • The child is a ward of the State.
  • Consent of child above 12 years is mandatory
  • Adoptive parents have right to change child’s name in his or best interest.

There are several requirements in order for one to qualify for child adoption in Rwanda:

  • Consent of both parents is mandatory if they are all still alive
  • Even after divorce parents must  give their consent for adoption is vital.
  • In cases where parents are absent or disappeared a person in custody of child gives consent
  • Adoptive parents may change the name of a child adopted if it is his/her best interests.
  • Furthermore, a child above 12 years must give consent before name change.

NOTE: Full adoption entitles an adopted child and his/her descendants to same rights and duties  as if the adoptive parents were his/her biological parents.

Inter-country adoption in Rwanda

  • Adoption aims at the interests of the child
  • No other person in the country of origin of the child to be adopted who wants to adopt the child;
  • The consent of those required to consent to the adoption was freely given advice.
  • Receiving State where the adopted child is to be transferred has proved that the intending intercountry adoptive parent has enough capacity to cater for the child and is of good moral integrity required for adoption
  • The country of the intending adoptive parent has approved that the child will be allowed to enter and reside in such a country on a permanent basis.

 Cost of  child adoption in  Rwanda?

The cost of hiring alawyer to follow up the process of adoption is over $1000  (1,000,000 frw)

Administrative costs may also range above $200 (200,000 Frw).

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