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investing in Rwanda

Investing in Rwanda is not complicated and it is very fast considering the fact that Rwanda is an investment hub.

Also, it takes less than 6 hours to register a company in Rwanda at Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Who is a foreign investor in Rwanda?

A foreign investor in Rwanda  is any legal entity investing a minimum startup capital of $250.000USD for overseas citizens and $100,000 for locals and members from the East African Community and COMESA states. This enables the investor to apply for an investment certificate.

Investment opportunities available in Rwanda?

Rwanda has a wide range of investment opportunities to offer to investors.

Key investment sectors in Rwanda include but not limited to the following:

  • Infrastructure,investing in Rwanda
  • Agriculture,
  • Energy,
  • Tourism,
  • Business services,
  • ICT,
  • Real estate and construction,
  • Financial Services, Mining,
  • Education,
  • Health and General Manufacturing.

Other sectors can as well be found on

How long does it take to register  investment business in Rwanda?

It only takes six (6) hours to register your business in Rwanda.

Furthermore, starting a business in Rwanda requires 2 simple steps;

First step: approval of a company name and submitting application .

Also, second Step: Obtaining a Certificate of incorporation.

Tips about why invest  in Rwanda

  1. Carry out comprehensive due diligence and research  about economic sector to venture in.
  2. Compliance with local/domestic legislations on business registration, Taxation, employment & labour is must.
  3. Make sure employees have contracts and registered in RSSB.
  4. Make sure you comply local regulations on environmental protection.

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